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Section I. NTBA Mission

The North Texas Bass Assassins are a fishing club whose primary aim is to promote fellowship among its members in a safe, fun and competitive environment. We strive to promote the sport of bass fishing while respecting the waters we fish and the members we serve. In order to achieve our mission we require our members adhere to the principals in section II below.


Section II. Member Expectations

NTBA members represent the club both on and off the water. While our club is small and relaxed, we believe the following expectations are vital to our success. Our members are expected to;


  1. Keep your safety and the safety of fellow anglers as a number one priority. 

  2. Strictly adhere to all club rules and the rules set forth by Federal, State and local agencies. 

  3. Promote club fellowship by treating all members with dignity and respect. 

  4. Protect our natural resources through common sense conservation practices. 

  5. Frequently and actively participate in clubs events and on social media.

  6. Proudly promote our club and our sponsors within the community. 

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Section III. Obtaining Membership

All Membership requests must be made through the new member application link of Once received, the membership director will asses the application and make contact with the prospective member within 72 hours of application receipt. Final decision to grant membership is at the sole discretion of the membership director. Once approved the member will be directed to join the NTBA social media accounts and set up a member profile on 

All new members are required to fish their first tournament as a trial. The trial will be at no cost to the new member and will exclude them from any payouts for that event only. The member will compete and weigh in just like other paying members. AOY points will be awarded to new members after their trial


As the NTBA is an amature Bass Club; Professional Guides will not be allowed to fish any tournaments in the state that they are guiding in. 

VIII. Tournament Payout

Tournament payouts will be determined by the number of boats competing at each event.

Payouts can be a combination of cash and prizes and will be as determined as described below:

  • 6 to 10 Boats = Two Position pay out. 60% for first, 40% for second.

  • 11 to 25 boats = Three position pay out.  50% for First Place, 30 % for Second Place, 20 for third place.

  • 25+ = 4 Position Payout. 50% First Place, 30% Second Place, 15% Third Place, 5% Fourth Place

  • Big Bass payout will be awarded for the biggest fish in the event over 6lbs. The pot will roll over if there is no winner at the event. 

VII. Tournament Rules

The following rules will apply to all tournament events unless otherwise specified by the NTBA. All Anglers are required to register for each event on the NTBA Web site at least one week prior to the event. ( No Late entries will be accepted.


Official Tournament Rules:All Federal, State, and Local Laws, as well as TP&W (Texas Parks & Wildlife) rules and regulations must be observed. Any violations of the rules by an individual or team will be subject to disqualification by the Administration. Black Bass– 5 fish limit, fish must Greater than or equal to 14 inches.


Tournament start/end time will be posted the NTBA private facebook page. Anglers must be in weigh-in line by the designated time. A small grace period can be granted however, members who abuse the grace period repeatedly will be disqualified. Contestants must receive a poker chip from the Administration during registration or have their fish disqualified. Contestants must present their poker chip to be allowed to weigh-in. A lost poker chip will disallow a contestant from weighing in.

All fish must be of legal length, measured with mouth closed and tail squeezed to produce maximum length. No live bait May be used. Artificial baits only allowed to be used. Any fish not measuring legal length at the time of weigh in will be disqualified. Only legal live fish will be allowed to be weighed in. A 0.5 lb penalty will be assessed for any dead fish brought to the scales.


No bank fishing or dock fishing will be allowed. Fishing is allowed only on the designated tournament lake. All occupants of the boat must wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device while boat is ‘on plane’. All protests must be submitted to the Administration within 15 minutes of the last fish weighed in. The available members of the Administration will arbitrate tournament protests. The Administration will determine the merit of the protest.The contestant making the protest and the contestant in question will remain at the tournament site until the Administration has reached a decision. Once a decision is made, the matter is closed and will be given no further consideration.


Each contestant must sign-in before fishing the tournament. The Administration must check all Live Wells before you may leave to fish. Only one entry fee will be charged. No more the 2 adult contestants per Team per Boat. Teams must be determined prior to the tournament.

VI. Organization

The NTBA will maintain at leadership team consisting a President, Vice-President and Membership Director. All strategic decisions concerning the NTBA will be made by the leadership team who may consult with tenured members prior to those decisions. Additional, club leadership positions will be added based on need. The process for selecting other leadership positions be decided by the Club President.

Section V. Liability Waiver

Upon application to join the NTBA, each prospective member will be required to agree to a waiver of liability. This waiver will release North Texas Bass Assassins (NTBA), its officers, sponsors, agents, any of its members, from any and all damages, claims, thefts, demands, cost, accidents or expenses relating to injury of any persons or damage to any property which may be cause by reason of participating in or in connection with any NTBA Tournament or non-tournament Fishing event.

Section IV. Maintaining Membership

The NTBA will cap its membership in order to maintain the advantages of a small club.

As with any small club it is vital that individual member participation be consistent.


In order for members to continue their ongoing status in the NTBA we ask for the following: 

1.Event Participation- We are a fishing club and expect that our members show up to fish at most

regularly scheduled events. If members are absent for multiple months consecutively or fail to fish more than 50% of our events their membership is subject to review. (this requirement applies only to Boaters, however, co-angler should register for every event they are available for.)

2. Good Communication- We all have lives outside of this club and understand that things come up at      

unexpected times. We simply ask that you communicate to the group when you are unable  to participate in a scheduled event. Timely, frequent an open communication  by all members is key to

maintaining your status.   

IX. Club Championship Qualification

Championship Bracket

The top 10 AOY finishers qualify for the Championship Bracket.  Payout of the Championship bracket will be based on the total of all monies collected for the Championship. and decided by club leadership. (Sponsors donations may be used to increase the Championship payout but is not guaranteed)

Challenger Bracket 

Members in good standing, who do not qualify for the Championship bracket, may fish the 2 day event in the Consolation bracket. Payouts for the consolation bracket will be determined by the club leadership.

In both brackets, the winner will be based on the 2 day total of all fish brought to the scales. 

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