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                                                            ATTENTION....PLEASE READ!!

In order to maximize the efficiency of our new member application process we ask that you read the following Membership requirements and expectations prior to applying.

If you feel you are willing and able to meet the requirements then click the button below to fill out an application.


Please keep in mind the NTBA is self funded and supported by sponsors. That means all members funds go back to members and are not used for club administration. This type of funding requires that we keep club membership active and engaged so we can maintain sponsors.  

NTBA Membership Requirements

The success or failure of the NTBA is largely dependent on consistent and frequent participation by each member. This includes club events, social media, sponsor support, and overall communication within the group. With these principles in mind we ask that each member commit to the following:
1. Participate in a minimum of 5 of 8 paid events during the season. (You may substitute one Free event to count toward your total)
2. Do not miss two consecutive paid events.
3. Notify the NTBA as soon as possible when you will be unable to participate in a any paid event.
4. Support our sponsors when possible through purchases, promotions, or recommendations.
5. Actively participate and contribute to our social media platforms.
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